About the Photographer

My name is Don Hutchinson and the photography presented provides a glimpse into a string of events that began in 2003. A digital camera, art, and nature collided, and a moment was born; a picture created, and myself, just a witness with a camera. This first moment inspired the creation of hundreds more photographs, each filled with layers of art, nature, design, and history. In my excitement to share these photographs, Blue Turtle Galleries was created, and here we are. Welcome to Blue Turtle Galleries.

My mission: to raise awareness of all things natural and elemental in life, including all living things big and small, the diverse cultural and historical remnants of Man, and the mysteries of the unexplained.

With a spirit of giving, I hope to assist local and global charities; with a spirit of friendship, to provide venues for aspiring nature photographers; and with a spirit of adventure, to share the beautiful moments I witness with others.